i recently came across a quote by Muhammad Ali, after witnessing the various homages paid to him by people across various walks of life. one quote stuck to me unlike ,most inane ramblings which revolved around his infamous slogan of being the greatest. but i digress..the quote that struck me as most unusual was his attitude on life. “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life” it summed up the whole idea behind the individual metastasis one goes through in life as the years progress. take me for example, when i was a young kid in my prime years my world revolved around my parents my education and my friends. back in those days the greatest conundrum i faced was finishing my assignment on monday mornings…disregarding the fact that such assignment were supposed to be done over the weekend were always lost in me as i buoyed in the pleasure of early evening cartoons, soccer games and other juvenile delights. in those days my resolute and unabashed answer to all adults’ question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’    was ‘i don’t know’..i mean why should i bother? i had all these years to figure out everything and more…why should i bother choosing one career. i was a fairly talented sketch artist, i could dabble in words effectively than other kids in my age group. even if i wasn’t a well built athlete, i had a well honed reflex as a goal keeper when we played soccer at school so i wasn’t ready to give up that yet.

through out those days it was inevitable to trust anyone as a friend, i remember being a friend with one guy at school  because he had a sock made ball or we ate lunch at the same  never took much to trust an outsider as one doesn’t realize that one has anything to lose…since the question of what you’re going to be, what you’re going to make and how successful you aspire to be falls way into the indistinguishable mesh of the future…i was content to sit and wait for it.

However, when i approached my late twenties i started to see the inevitable cracks in my wait for it logic my once young and care free friends succumbed one by one to the  burden of adulthood. by having a job..wife and kids as well as a formidable potbelly and started developing a measured and meditative way of thought. simple things as just calling up a person and asking for a rendezvous in a couple of minute was no more. events had to be planned..checked with a significant other as to the feasibility of such program. even such aspirations as trying some artistic endeavors were out of the question. reason, a family man can’t just get up and quit a good earning job for the sake of chasing a dream that might or might not be. as i kept laughing at such instances when my friends kept giving me excuses of these nature when i run into them from time to time one of my closest colleague mentioned that i might as well be making fun of myself as such patterned of behaviors had already started creeping up into my behaviors. the long hours of solitude where i spent contemplating on many aspects of my life, and the preferential of a good book over the meaningless garb of day to day inane conversations reminded me of how far i had come from the one extremely sociable and talkative person i once was

Yet, these are the very factors that came cascading through my mind as i saw the quote of the once greatest. time is like a never ending flow of a river…and i the bed of rock the  river flows upon, one might not notice the change at first glance but to the trained and accustomed eye the changes are always there , ever present ..evidence..of the passage of years..the flow of time..silent yet reproachful



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