Daily Prompt: Disagree

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Morality yay or nay?

today i had an interesting conversation with a friend from work. while digressing about various issues of day to day life we somehow stumbled upon the concept of morality. is morality a good thing that would aid us in our quest to better ourselves or is it a hindrance on the fulfillment of our dreams, a sort catch 22 on our day to day desires. he vehemently argued that morality is a good thing that ensured the survival of the weaklings

well i strongly disagree

come on, has anyone entertained the situation where morality is not a factor in our day today life?  imagine if you will, a day when you spent a hard day at a backbreaking laborious job  and your eyes are glazing over the prospect of opening some lager and kicking your feet up yet the old man standing on the bus is looking at your seat with a sense of expectancy. well hot damn, you don’t want to morality dictates it.   or picture the possibility that a man cuts in front of you at the food stand after you’ve been standing for hours and you were on a brink of getting your sandwich after narrowly avoiding that ever looming hunger monster. and your inside is bubbling with rage coupled with your brain’s belching  “kill him, let him have it or  forcefully introduce your knuckles to his favorite appendage” but nooooo you can’t beat people to a pulp just because you feel like it, it’s immoral; not the way the world operates. you can’t help it but say…..

i know i know, that’s an evil train of thought…but again maybe we are..


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